Teriberka (Териберка) is a small of the Murmansk Oblast. It’s the Northern part of the Kola Peninsula, it’s on the Barents Sea. It’s started to be popular in 2014 because the famous Russian movie Leviathan was filmed there.

Teriberka is 130 km away from Murmansk. The road to go there is unique and show an endless white arctic tundra covered by snow. It take between 2h and 2h30 to reach Teriberka.

Teriberka signs in the middle of nowhere during a snowy winter day
Teriberka signs. 42 km to go.

Ship Cemetery

In winter during the polar night Teriberka can have a sad vibe. Some abandoned wooden boats from the last century are there, laying in the water.

Abandonned wooden ships in Teriberka
Abandonned wooden ships

Sea coast

There is a stone beach in Teriberka. It looks like Dinosaur eggs.

Stone beach of Teriberka during the Polar Night
Stone beach on the Barent Sea