Perm is a city of one million of inhabitants of the european part of Russia. It’s close to the Ural Mountain. The city was also called Molotov from 1940 to 1957.

Inhabitants of Perm are sometimes called “Permyak salty ears“. It’s because there were a lot of salt production in the region of Perm. The legend said that that the worker were carrying the bags of salt on their shoulder and then their ears became saturated of salt. Making them bigger and red.

Perm has cold winter and the temperature can go below -30°C. The Kama river is a big river flought through Perm before going to the Volga. It freezes during the winter. The Коммунальный мост ( Kommunal’nyy most ), Communal bridge is a car and pedestrian that connect the city center to the other side of the Kama river. It has a lenght of almost 1 km.

View of a bridge over the Kama River
Bridge over the Kama River on a foggy day ( Камский мост – Kamskiy most )

Close to Perm there is an open air museum with typical wood building. More than 20 monuments are there. they are from 17th till 20th centuries. you can see there some churches, a bell tower, building from a salt factory, windmill. The name of this museum is Khokhlovka. It’s on the Kama river 40 km from Perm. Some information can be found there

Church of the Transfiguration

Another vieuw of the church