Second largest city of Russia. with a population of 5 millions of inhabitants. It was also known as Leningrad. It’s said as the most beautiful city of Russia. Saint Petersburg has a mix of history and culture with a contemporary life. After beeing in Moscow Saint Petersburg is the city to visit.

the department store “Au Pont rouge” is located close to the Red bridge. It’s one of the first department stores in the world. It was founded in 1907.

Red Bridge

Saint Petersburg is has a lot of canal and bridged. It’s pleasant to walk along the water during the hot summer nights. As a lot fo thoer cities, because of these canals it’s called “Venice of the North“. Making a cruise is a must if you want to see all these photogenic bridges from another angle.

Bridge over a canal in Saint Petersburg during the night
Canal during the night
double-headed eagle in Saint Petesrburg

Saint Petersburg can have also hard winter. It’s not as cold as in Siberia but it can be very humid and windy.

Snow in Saint Petersburg. Peter and Paul Fortress
Saint Petersburg under the snow