Omsk is a big city of Siberia. Its population is above one million. Omsk is a stop of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Between Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. It’s located at the junction of the Irtysh River and the Om River. In 1716 it was a wooden fortress. The econmic development of the city is help by the railway and by the 2 rivers that make navigable connection to trade with China and Central Asia

Dormition Cathedral

The Dormition Cathedral (Успенский собор) or Assumption Cathedral is one of the largest churches of Siberia. It is very colourful and vivid. It is also surrounded by a nice park. It’s located in the very center of Omsk.

Dormition Cathedral in Omsk surrounder by snow during the winter
Assumption Cathedral

Irtysh Gate

Located where the Irytsh River and Om River meet the Irtysh Omsk Gate offer a wonderful view of the Irtysh river. Other gates from the ancient frotress can be found in the city like the Tara gate.

Irtysh Omsk Gate covered by snow in December
Irtysh Omsk Gate

Leningrad Bridge

The Leningrad bridge (Ленинградский мост) is a really big bridge over the Irtysh (Иртыш) River. During the winter the River is totally frozen.

Leningrad Bridge above the frozen Irtysh river
Leningradsky most – Leningrad Bridge

It’s really nice to walk along the river. All the path is covered by snow and there is a picturesque view of the Irtysh river. It’s even possible to enjoy blue sky during somme cold winter day. During the summer it’s nice to go there with bike and rollerblade.

Pathway along the Irtysh River

As everywhere in Russia in winter sledding is a popular activity for children

Kids sledding in the snow in Omsk
Kids sledding