Around 20km from Kazan, along the Volga Sviajsk (Sviyazhsk) is a small island town. Two monasteries and seven churches are located on the island. Sviajsk became an island with the rising of the water in 1957. but now it’s connected by a road with the construction of a barrage.

You can take a boat from Kazan to reach the island. The boat starts at the Kazanskiy Rechnoy Port (речной порт казань, Kazan River Port) and it takes 2 hours to reach Sviajsk. There is 2 trips per day, one from Kazan around 8h and the other from Sviajsk to come to Kazan around 16h. It’s perfect to stay all the day on the island.

Sunset on the Volga river
Old building seen during the boat trip on the Volga
Monastery Sviyazhsk
Monastery Sviyazhsk

The trip to come back to Kazan is very enjoyable with a such blue sky and nice sun.

View of Sviyazhsk from the boat and on the Volga
View of the island from the boat