Murmansk is a city in the north-west part of Russia. It is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. You can reach Murmansk by plane. It’s less than 3 hours from Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

During the winter it’s possible to see there Northern Lights if you are in the countryside.

Murmansk Harbour

The Lenin boat is the first nuclear powered icebreaker. It was launched in 1957 and then decommissioned in 1989. There is now a museum inside the boat

Lenine boat in the Murmansk port
The Lenine boat in the Murmansk port

The port of Murmansk is a beautiful building, really colourful. The sky can be also as blue as the vivid blue of the building. The picture below was taken in March during a cold day.

Sea port of Murmansk

Memorial for the seaman

There is in Murmansk a complex for the Seamen who died in peacetime. there is a red and white hexagonal tower lighthouse of 17.5m height. A few meter down there is a ship anchor. Arrived on the top of this complex there is a nice view of the cities.

Lighthouse – Monument for the sailors who died in peaced time
Ship anchor in the memorial

Alyosha Monument

There is another monument in Murmansk. It’s a massive statue called Alyosha. It’s a memorial complex on a hill surrounding Murmansk and the Kola Bay. The monument is so huge that it can be seen from far away. The picture below was taken on the bank of the Lake Semyonovskoye (Семёновское озеро), already frozen. According the legend the name of the Lake come fron the name of a fisherman Семёна Коржова who lived on the shore of the hill of Green Cape of the Kola Bay.

The statue of Alyosha
Alyosha Statue
Sunset panoramic view of Alyosha and the Semyonovskoye Lake Semyonovskoye
Alyosha and the Lake Semyonovskoye
Alyosha eternal flame
The bottom of the statue and the eternal flame with the grave of the Unknown Soldier

Murmansk railway

A lot of freight are transported by train in Murmansk. It’s because Murmansk is an ice-free port of the Arctic sea. The distance between Murmansk and Saint Petersburg is around 1500 km and the name of this railway is the Kirov Railway

Rail freight Murmansk train station
Rail freight transport

Polar Night

In December it’s the polar night in Murmansk. the sun never goes above the horizon. but it’s still there and make some nice red colour in the sky. It’s also the best time to see Aurora. But the sky has to be clear for that.

Panoramic view of Murmansk during the Polar night in December
Panorama during a cold day of December. Red sky on the horizon but the sun will never rise above it

Huskies sledding

Close to Murmansk there is a Husky farm with Siberian huskies. It’s possible to do Husky riding there. Siberian Huskies were mainly used as sled dogs and as companion for the Chukchi people. Chukchi Peninsula is located in Far East Siberia in Russia.

huskies ready for a ride
Huskies ready for the riding


100 km from Murmansk it’s possible to visit the small village of Teriberka. The Russian movie “Leviathan” was filmed there. It’s an interesting destination for a day trip.

Teriberka plate. 42km away
On the way to Teriberka