Tomsk (Томск) is a Siberian city of around 500.000 people. It’s considered as one of the oldest city of Siberia and has the oldest University of Russia

The Lagernyy Sad (Лагерный сад) (camp garden) is a park on the right side of the Tom river. It offers wonderful sunset during the winter

Winter sunset with the frozen Tom river in Tomsk
View on the frozen tomsk river

Wooden Houses

Tomsk is well know for its traditional wooden architecture. It’s on a list of six ‘touristic’ places of Russia that will soon disappear made by Forbes. The house below from the early 20th century is now a Russian-German house. Russian-German occupy the 4th place after the Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars in the Tomsk Region.

The blue wooden house in Tomsk in winter.
House with a hipped roof – Russian – German house (Русско-немецкий дом)

The decoration inside the house remains well preserved and shows how it was in the past

Interior of the blue wooden house with pavilion
Inside the house

Another interesting house is the house with Firebirds. It’s a beautiful and colorful house with orange walls and red roof. Wooden Firebirds, who are the symbol of Tomsk can be seen on the gable cornice.

Orange wooden house. The house with firebirds in winter
The house with firebirds

Tomsk University

Tomsk is the biggest academic city of Siberia. The Tomsk State University – TSU (Национа́льный иссле́довательский То́мский госуда́рственный университе́т) was opened in 1888 with 72 students. It has now more than 14000 students and more than 2000 international students. A lot of foreigners are studying in Tomsk.

Entrance of the Tomsk State University during a winter day
Entrance of the Tomsk State University – TSU during a winter day

Tomsk Train Station

Tomsk-1 railway station is the main railway station of Tomsk. It’s a massive yellow building. It was reconstructed in 2004 for the 400th anniversary of Tomsk

Train station of Tomsk from a passage above it
Tomsk-1 railway station
Tomsk Train Station in winter
Tomsk Train Station
Street during a cold winter end of afternoon in Tomsk
Street during a cold winter end of afternoon in Tomsk
Cars starting after the green light with a nice sunset in the background

Ice Sculptures

During the winter, there are a lot of ice statues in the centre of Tomsk. As every cities there are a lot of illuminations and decorated Christmas tree.

Main square in Tomsk
Tomsk’s main square during winter

The main square is decorated with a lot of ice sculptures during the winter.

winter ice sculpture in the Tomsk main square for New Year 2020
2020 New Year Ice sculpture