The Siberian Husky comes from the far east of Siberia. It’s a really old breed and has the physical and mental characteristics to live in harsh condition like in the Artic. At the beginning they were used as endurance sled dog by the Chukci tribe. It’s indigenous people living in the Chukchi Peninsula. The Peninsula is bordered by the Chukchi Sea, the Bering Sea and the Bering Strait. They were later introduce in Alaska.

Eyes colour

Huskies can have different eyes color dut to heterochromia. there is a Bi-Eyed husky on the picture below. One eye is blue and the other one is brown

Siberian Bi-Eyes Husky in the snow.
Siberian Bi-Eyed Husky

Husky Sledding

Riding a dog sled is one activity done in Nordic countries like Finland Canada, Russia. It has been an mode of transport in the arctic region. There are now competition and races. It’s also a recreational activity. Now the mushing and the dogs are replaced by snowmobiles. It’s possible to do Husky sledding in Murmansk

Huskies ready for a sledding ride
Huskies ready for sledding

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