Rostov Veliky is a town of the Oblast of Yarosalvl. It’s located near the Lake Nero. It should not be confused with the city Rostov-on-Don on the South of Russia. It’s a popular destination of the Golden ring. As it’s closed to Moscow it’s the perfect destination for a Day trip.

It’s Kremlin is considerated as the most beautiful in Russia after the one of Moscow. The Kremlin is protected by massive walls and towers. The Kremlin is divided into 3 walled sections. The first one, shown in the picture below is the Cathedral Square. The big Assumption Cathedral stands there. A little bit behind, connected to the wall there is the Belfry of the Cathedral. There are 13 bells of different size inside.

On the right of the picture there is the Resurrection of Christ Gate-Church. It connects the Cathedral square with the Central part of the Kremlin.

Cathedral Square of the Kremlin in Rostov Veliki with the Assumption Cathedral
Inside the Cathedral Square

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