Saint Petersburg is city full of wonderful building, churches but ue to the big number of canals and rivers it has also some curiosities. There are plenty of bridges in Saint Petersburg. More than 342. In the historical city center some are colored really beautiful. In the 19th century it was the tradition to colour bridges over the Moika river. Four of them are still colored.

  • The Blue Bridge
  • The Green Bridge
  • The Red Bridge
  • The Yellow Bridge

Blue Bridge

On the way to the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral the blue bridge is the widest bridge of Saint Petersburg. It’s called in russian Си́ний мост (Siniy most).

Blue bridge in Saint Petersburg
Blue Bridge

Green Bridge

The green bridge was the first cast iron bridge of Saint Petersburg. It’s called in russian Зелёный мост (Zyelyoniy Most). It has different name and was know as Police Bridge and People Bridge but it’s now back to his colored name Green Bridge.

Green bridge in Saint Petersburg
Green Bridge

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