There are a lot of fountains in Moscow. One of them is The Friendship of the Peoples Fountain. It’s a big one located in VDNKh park. It’s also a famous fountain in Moscow from the Soviet Era. There is a golden sheaf of wheat in the centre of the fountain. It’s surrounded by 16 statue, 16 girls representing different nationalities and Republics of the Soviet Union like Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus,…. The idea of the fountain was to represent a national identity of the Soviet people. It was built in 1950sIn the centre the water goes till 24 meters.

Some pavilions are all around the fountain. It can be seen on the picture below.

Friendship of the Peoples Fountain in VDNKh park in winter. It's surrounded by some pavilions
Friendship of the Peoples Fountain

Other small fountains are in VDNKh. It’s full of people during the summer and it’s a nice park to take a walk.

Small fountains in VDNKh during a sunny afternoon

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