The Central children’s Store (Де́тский мир, Dietsky mir – is a big mall in the centre of Moscow. Located close to the Lubyanka station. It was opened in 1957.

The main atrium is decorated with stained glass from the illustrator Ivan bilibin. The building is really big and has 7 floors. There is a nice view of the hall from the last floors

Main Atrium and stained glass of the Central's children store on Lubyanka from upper floors
view from upper floors of the main Atrium during new year

Around new year some decorations are added like Christmas tree with present package. you just need to look on the top to have a beautiful view of the stained glass on the roof with all the present packages floating in the air.

View of the present package and of the sained glass on teh top of the Central children's store on Lubyanka
roof of the central children’s store

The main hall is really impressive and really big. It can be full of people close to New Year. A lot of shop are selling a lot of sweets and toys.

Main hall of the Central children's store
Inside the Atrium

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