At its creation Omsk was a fortress. It was established in 1716. Initially it was occupied only by soldiers, cossacks and officers. It was a part of the fortiffication of the Irtysh line. A lot of fortresses, intermediate outpost were built along the Irtysh River. In 1768 a second fortress was built in Omsk.

The fortress had 4 gates. The Tara Gate is one of these four main gates. It’s also know as the “Northen Gate”. Tara is a small town 300km in the North of Omsk along the Irtysh river. It was at the origin a fort and was aswell part of the Siberian Line.

Tara Gate in Omsk
Tara Gate

It’s a beauutiful walkway in fron of the gate. covered by snow in winter or decorated with a lot of flower in summer

Walkway with te Tara gate at the end
Walkway to go to the Gate

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