Nizhny Novgorod is a nice city along the Volga between Moscow and Kazan. The city is at the confluence between the Volga and the Oka river. during the summer the temperature can be above 30°C. It’s pleasant to walk in the evening along the river, with still warm temperature and enjoying the sunset.

The picture below show the Borskiy Bridge over the Volga. It’s a new bridge. The old one is just behind. As it was a warm day people were still swimming in the river and other enjoying the small beach. but because of the water it’s full of Mosquitos during the summer

sunset over the volga. Borskiy Most. With people swimming in the volga
Borskiy Most over the Volga

It’s also possible to do evening boat cruise on the Volga. It’s the best place for photographer

Boat under the Borskiy Bridge
Boat under the Borskiy Bridge

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